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“I only want what’s best for @nalacamilla, I make sure everything we use for her is 100% safe. That includes the liquid detergent we use to wash her clothes and linens, it has to be hypoallergenic, mild and baby friendly. Yes, I am a proud no compromise mom.”
Camille Prats
“I’ve been using @cyclesbaby_ph laundry detergent on Tristan’s clothes from day one, and will continue to use it until my lovey is all grown up.”
Kelly Misa
"As a first time mom, I'm always wondering if I'm doing things right! So I'm grateful for products like Cycles and Cradle. Now, I have one less thing to worry about! As a No Compromise Mom, I choose Cycles and Cradle."
Nikki Gil
"I discovered Cycles when I was pregnant with my 3rd baby and I loved it so much I continued using it til my 5th!"
Joy Sotto
"We used @cyclesbaby_ph for Theo from day 1 for all his clothes, lampins, blankets, pillows, stroller pads, etc. and so I'll definitely use the same and effective laundry detergent for my baby girl's things too."
Patty Laurel Filart
"I love trying everything laundry related so you can just imagine how thrilled I was to discover @cyclesbaby_ph from day 1 of becoming a first time mommy! It's the mildest and safest laundry detergent out there! "
Nicole Hernandez
“I’ve been using this since day one. It’s the safest detergent and mildest one for your little ones out there!”
Andi Manzano
"When Cycles was first introduced to the local market, it solved the problem for moms who wanted to protect their baby's sensitive skin from harsh detergents and soap residue that gets left behind on baby's clothes, beddings and other linens and can cause allergies and skin irritation. Cycles pioneered this category and has maintained quality since."
Janice Villanueva
"Thank goodness for @cyclesbaby_ph Liquid Laundry Detergent, it's hypoallergenic and free from any harsh chemicals or strong fragrances."
Cat Juan Ledesma
"A brand I've trusted since the start of my #momlife and I plan to share to everyone out there."
Bianca Santiago Reinoso